5 Classic Dishes For Thanksgiving Catering NJ This Year


Thanksgiving dinner hosts struggle to make ends meet every year. The holiday may bring family and friends together, but it also comes with challenges. As a Thanksgiving dinner host, you need to clean your entire house and set up seating options. On top of that, you need to prepare a full course meal for dozens of guests. The best catering company in NJ can take care of that last task for you. Save yourself the stress of slaving over the stove. Pick up delicious, hot, prepared meals NJ for the holiday instead. Read this post for the classic dishes to order for Thanksgiving catering NJ this year.

Butternut Squash Soup

Every great Thanksgiving dinner starts with butternut squash soup. The best caterers in the Garden State cook their Thanksgiving Day soups to perfection. They make their butternut squash soups fresh just before the holiday. The top catering companies in the state even add their own \”wow\” factors to the classic appetizer. Order a creamy butternut squash soup appetizer from the best catering company in NJ. Serve it with soft bread for a grand start to Thanksgiving dinner this year.

Gourmet Stuffing

Another dish to order for Thanksgiving dinner catering NJ in Morris County is gourmet stuffing. Your guests would not be impressed with a full dinner spread without a heaping dish of stuffing. It is, after all, a Thanksgiving staple. Search for a catering company in the state that offers multiple types of gourmet stuffing. Some bake shrimp stuffing for seafood lovers. You can even find apple-cider cornbread stuffing on the best NJ holiday menus. Bring this to your table alongside warm gravy to impress your dinner guests this coming holiday.

Roasted Vegetables

Additionally, order mixed roasted vegetables from your favorite Thanksgiving caterer this year. You need to offer your vegan and vegetarian guests enough Thanksgiving food. Veggies make for the perfect side dish. The best vegan Thanksgiving catering NJ company offers a medley of warm roasted vegetables. This medley typically includes seasonal favorites like carrots, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. Order this classic Thanksgiving dish from the best catering company around.

Mashed Potatoes

Thanksgiving dinner guests always have high expectations for mashed potatoes as well. Similar to the other dishes in this post, you cannot complete your Thanksgiving table without several orders of mashed potatoes. Guests love to pair them with warm, homemade turkey gravy. Contact the best company offering Thanksgiving catering in NJ and ask about their mashed potato options. They usually offer more than just delicious, buttery mashed potatoes. You can also order maple whipped sweet potatoes with brown sugar. Supply your guests with the best potato options this Thanksgiving.


Last but not least, order a Thanksgiving turkey from a catering company. You can pick up a classic, perfectly-cooked full turkey this year. However, you can also take a different approach. Consider offering your dinner guests multiple turkey options. The star of Thanksgiving dinner comes in multiple forms. Top caterers offer stuffed turkey, grilled turkey breast and turkey legs. Keep these options in mind as you order from the best Thanksgiving catering NJ services this year.

Put an end to your Thanksgiving dinner host struggles this year. Order delectable dishes from the best catering in Bergen County NJ company. Start with a classic appetizer of butternut squash soup. Every impressive Thanksgiving catering New Jersey buffet includes multiple gourmet stuffing dishes as well. Offer your vegan guests seasonal roasted vegetables. Order buttery mashed potatoes and maple whipped sweet potatoes for the table. Finally, consider offering your guests turkey in multiple ways. Make this holiday unforgettable with these classic dishes. Order them from the best Thanksgiving catering company in NJ.